Hi. I’m Ben, the Bootstrapped Lawyer.

Here you can read my recent stories of what I have done, surfed, seen, smelt and tasted.

For years I have been photographing the food I eat, the coffees I drink and the crazy journeys I go on around the world. Now, I culminate it all in a blog, for the world to follow along as I find new places, new foods and continue on my search for the most alluring grind of coffee and the most scorching and delicious hot dish.

Travelling the world is a big thing for me. I was a country kid from the north-western tip of Australia. Since then I have been a journalist and lawyer and am now pursuing my desire to seek out nice pockets of culture in this world and learn more about food, coffee, happiness and ambition.

If you have a story you’d like to tell me, and maybe somewhere I should visit, throw it down in the comments of this blog.