One short trek in Springbrook National Park – Australia QLD

In a shorter journey, we travelled only 40 minutes, rather than the usual eight to 30 hour flight, to get to our destination in a tropical rainforest. Lamington National Park is host to a number of amazing sights perched along the ridge line bordering from the middle of Queensland right down to New South Wales. It is one of the longest mountain ranges in Australia’s eastern seaboard, and also one of the most visited. FullSizeRender-7.jpg

Our journey was specifically to see the great Purling Brook Falls and walk the circuit which goes down to the bottom of the falls. On the other side of the mountain range, another 30 minute loop drive, is natural bridge, an amazing waterfall through a cave formed by molten lava.

The Falls, our first stop, are a short walk form the car park so the sight is easily reachable by anyone. The lookout has been perfectly perched on the side of the mountain range facing the valley and the waterfalls and makes for amazing photo opportunities. Further down the track, and for the more physically inclined, is several flights of steps that traverse down the side of the mountain through the rainforest. The track splits at the belly of the falls where we took the chance to walk underneath the waterfall and enjoy the fresh cooling water before making our way further FullSizeRender-4down the track following the streams.

The walk is well worth the effort as it is one of those untouched parts of the world so enjoyable for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city environment.

The Ministry recommends taking the track down past the bottom of the falls for a further two


kilometre track which ends at an open water rock pool. It is a perfect spot to stop for a swim. Take a lot of Bushman’s insect repellant on this track as the leeches are in prime numbers on the way down.

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