River run – Malaysia

The Ministry took a 40 minute cab ride from Kuala Lumpur city to a small jungle lodge called Alang Sedayu to see the Pisang falls and rainforest track in one of the world’s oldest and well-preserved ecosystems.

We met up with our tour guide, Tim, who spoke really good english for a local. I doubted the authenticity of his name, which was more likely a sales name than anything. Tim’s pre-walk warnings consisted of the dangers of cobras, tigers, ticks and the definite invasion of leeches, a great note to start an excellent day trip on.

The walk was light and very easy, made so for the commercial side of marketing to the average tourist. Tim was well rehearsed in jokes and intermittent stops along the way, usually interrupting a walk with the line “this one time..”. One of the Ministry’s party on

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Left to right: Tim (guide), a travel writer, Fiji.

the rainforest walk was Fiji, an Indian freelance travel agent who, if he wasn’t making several-thousand trip deals on the phone per day, was also talking about his own adventures through Indian jungle tours. They both met at an agreement on the rule of the modern-day jungle which is:


“if you are being chased by a tiger, indicate left with your hand and run right”.

The rainforest walk is a loop track that passes under a highway (you’re not that far out of the wild) by a large walk-through tunnel. In the rainy season (October to March) this area can get quite flooded. The Ministry recommends you don’t go immediately after this season unless you want to know how 100 leeches feel.

The tour guides are great on the walk and the level of preparation required for such an activity is none. However make sure you wear boating shoes or ones that you don’t mind getting wet as there is a lot of walking through water. The tour guide themselves wear crocs shoes, they’re surprisingly very suitable for this kind of trail.