A Woolworth’s discovery for the hotties (Hot Diary part three)

I’m in a new social and geographical environment, so it’s time I made up a new hot diary for myself so I can find different pleasures each night in hot food and a nice cool summery drink to enjoy it with.

Today in the supermarket I happened upon the ‘oriental’ section of a Woolworth’s back isle. I rummaged through foreign noodles, dried chilli and shitake mushrooms to come out with the ingredients I wanted for a nice meal suited to Queensland’s humid climate – chilli mussel noodle soup.

Again, the source of this recipe comes from a Korean lady who told me how easy it was to make a chilli dish. The problem was this time I had no access to kimchi. You see, some people, closed-minded people i know, cannot stand the smell of kimchi and refer to it as “funky Asian stuff”. Now I’m in a small apartment and I don’t have access to the facilities to make the Korean favorite, so instead I will improvise.

The Korean source that lead to my first kimchi making lesson, told me that in the afternoons after work, a favorite dish of hers was two-minute noodles with chilli and seafood. So I took this one on to try it myself. One of my favourite dishes is the easy-to-make packs of spicy noodles, Mi-Goreng. I bought two of these from the ‘oriental’ section in Woolworths along with some large red chillies, shallots, coriander and some smoked mussels.

The combination of the ingredients is simple: cook the Mi-Goreng (you don’t have to use the standard sachets that come with the pack if you don’t want the extra spices or oils), add the directed amount of water to the noodles and add a handful of shallots to the dish. Now you can add chilli while the noodles are boiling, or you can start off the cooking with them, which is what I usually do and was recommended to me by a Malaysian celebrity chef. The chilli in the dish mixes nicely with the already-smoked mussels (which can be added to the noodles in the last minutes of boiling).

To finish it off, sprinkle your coriander over the top and mix it through. For a drink to accompany the meal, considering the current humidity and hot dish, I made a cool lime and vodka summer drink.

To prepare this, crush half a lime into a glass then cut the rest up into small cubes, half-fill the glass with ice then add a shot of vodka, a dash of lime cordial (your preference on how much) and top the drink up with soda water. This is best made for two people so you don’t have to throw out the rest of the lime.

Enjoy and happy Spring.