How to not get a car out of beach sand

“Take that track over there it looks better,” I said, being a typical passenger-seat-driver. Ten minutes later we had become so bogged that the tires on the ute were not visible.

Know-it-all J, an intelligent middle-aged professional, worked quickly in embarrassment to us out of the thick (literally) situation. “If we get some big rocks underneath the wheels then tat will give them a solid base and we should be able to drive up out of the whole,” J said.

The car apparently didn’t have any four-wheel-drive so we hurried to work out other strategies. We buried rocks under the ute’s wheels and J pumped the accelerator. “Stop, stop, stop,” I yelled. The wheels had gone another two inches into the white sand.

The sight of the two of us would have been a comedy, but not-so-funny was the cars’ non-visible wheels solidly entrenched in the ground.

We let the air out of the wheels, the only problem was the closest air pump was 100km, so if we let them down too far, we would have to drive on flat wheels.

Thankfully, it worked, and we were back on the road again. While looking at the time on the console in the ute I also noticed there had been a special four-wheel-drive button that once pushed, would have got us out of the bog immediately. I made several joke-driven references to this on the way home.