Hi. I’m Ben, the Bootstrapped Lawyer.

Here you can read my recent stories of what I have done, surfed, seen, smelt and tasted.

For years I have been photographing the food I eat, the coffees I drink and the crazy journeys I go on around the world. I do this because as a kid from the country, I grew up with an appreciation for fresh food, but I had never seen a boutique cafe, well-designed places and had never seen the world.

Why bootstrapped?

Bootstrapping means to create something with minimal financial resources. When I was a poor law student I came across this when not having enough money to start up my own business.

Bootstrapping teaches you to be effective in using the world around you, and getting help from other people to make your ideas come true. Just like travel, food and coffee.

Share your stories.

If you have a story you’d like to tell me, and maybe somewhere I should visit, throw it down in the comments of this blog.